Dong Fei

Dong Fei, born in 1976 in Heze, Shandong Province, the capital of peony, graduated from the Department of fine arts of Tianjin Academy of fine arts. Later, she studied in the senior research class of Central Academy of fine arts, taught famous painters He Jiaying, Hong Dayong, etc., and studied from famous meticulous painters Mr. Qi Zhen. At present, she is a member of Shandong Artists Association, director of Heze Young Artists Association, national second-class artist, honorary president of Beijing Zhonglian quintessence calligraphy and Painting Institute, full-time painter of Kyoto calligraphy and painting Cultural Industrial Park, academician of China Academy of calligraphy and painting Sciences, Secretary General of Heze entrepreneur calligraphy and Painting Association, vice president of Heze calligraphy and Painting Association, etc. Her works have participated in many exhibitions in demestic and abroad and won awards, and are collected by famous people and collectors. In 2006, the nine colors of peony, a traditional Chinese painting, were collected by the Military Museum of the people's Liberation Army. In 2010, nine flower kings of peony, a traditional Chinese painting variety, were collected by the Ministry of culture of the people's Republic of China. In 2012, his work "natural beauty" was collected by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Singapore. In 2014, the great work "lucky and rich" was collected by the prime minister's office of Malaysia. Its traditional Chinese painting variety peony was sent to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries as gifts by governments at all levels.

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