He Shi

He Shi, a native of Yusheng, was born in Yanbian, Jilin in 1968. He graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 1993. He is currently a director of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a professional painter of the Chinese Calligraphers and Magazines, a first-class artist, and a member of the Jilin Artists Association. A famous landscape painter in Jilin.
He actually liked painting since childhood. At the age of seventeen, he used painting and calligraphy as his profession. He went to Beijing and Tianjin to ask for a teacher. He was instructed by famous masters such as Jinmen, painter Wang Xuezhong, Zhao Songtao, and famous painter Wang Wenfang of Beijing Painting Academy. For many years, I have been following the teachings of Mr. Hou Chunlin, the teacher of the Enlightenment: "Only asking for hard work, not asking for the harvest", the self-named "Justice lays", meaning that like the old man, he is arrogant. The use of the theoretical articles of Yi Jing's interpretation of Chinese painting in the "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy" published, which attracted the attention of the painting and calligraphy community. He believes that all Chinese traditional art categories are connected to each other. In order to develop and improve the level of Chinese painting art, we can not practice poetry, calligraphy and other sister art, but reading "Easy" is indispensable. His paintings focus on inheriting the tradition, while not losing the spirit of the times, not irritating, but implying strength, and there is always a harmonious atmosphere between the pen and ink. In addition to painting, he teaches students to solve problems and teaches students to learn paintings with the aim of fame and fortune, and restore the essential meaning of traditional painting and calligraphy art.

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