Hou Jingde

Hou Jingde (1938.9-) from Xiaoxian County, Anhui province. He is an outstanding modern Chinese calligraphy and painting artist, art educator, and a national class art teacher. He has won the first prize in the National Calligraphy Competition, won the "Urumqi Cup" and "Wutaishan Cup" Calligraphy Competition, and the name is included in the World Celebrity Calligraphy Conference. dictionary. Shenyang Academy of Art is employed as a visiting professor. 侯敬德(1938.9-)安徽宿州萧县人士. 我国现代杰出的书画艺术家、美术教育家、国家特级教师。曾在全国书法大赛中获得一等奖,在“乌鲁木齐杯”、“五台山杯”书法大赛中获奖,名字载入世界名人书法大词典。沈阳艺术学院聘为客座教授。

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