Lin Dekun

Lin Dekun

Lin Dekun: Jiang Yi, born in 1969, born in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, now lives in Beijing. National level artist. He is a member of the Henan Branch of the Chinese Artists Association, graduated from the Environmental Art Design Department of the Central Academy of Arts and Design, and is a registered senior interior designer.

Mr. Lin Dekun's landscape paintings are often shown in a clean and elegant, quiet and exquisite manner. The character in the painting is always high. The viewer is like a beautiful jade. The reason is that his ink color is simple without losing the level. Freely retractable, the nature of the painting is natural and smooth, and the trees are beautiful; between the shores and the shore, the literary sentiment is strange. This is a rare realm. It is clear and beautiful, beautiful but not extravagant. It is because of its deep ancient methods, the grass and the mountains, and the ancient charm, so that it can cleanse the habit and leave the natural interest.

personal achievement:

Participated in national and provincial large-scale art exhibitions and won many awards. Successfully held art exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Tai'an, Shandong, Changzhou, Kunshan, Xi'an, Shaanxi, Weinan, Yulin, Ningbo, Zhejiang and other places. His works have participated in the 2012-2015 exhibition held by China National Academy of Painting. It has been collected by collectors in Singapore, Australia and Taiwan.

He has had two exclusive interviews with one set of China Education TV Station (Ink Danqing), Gansu Satellite TV (Ink Danqing), Zhengzhou TV (Central Plains), Shangqiu TV, Jiangsu Changzhou TV, Shaanxi Weinan TV, and Shaanxi TV. A special issue of the National Academy of Painting of China was published in the China Academy of Fine Arts, and several media websites reported.

In 2012, his works were exhibited at the National Art Academy Exhibition

Teacher Lin Dekun attended the exchange meeting at the National Academy of Painting in 2012

2012 Teacher and Student Exhibition of National Academy of Painting

The 2012 work "Mountains and Pavilions" was awarded the Excellent Award at the 19th New Artist Exhibition of New Artists in Henan Province

In 2013, his work was exhibited at the Liangbao Exhibition in Xi'an

In 2013, "The Mountain Comes to the Waterfall" was selected into the Twelfth Chinese Painting Art Exhibition in Henan Province

Participated in the art exchange meeting at the National Academy of Painting in 2014

The 2014 work "Song Wu Xi Shan" won the outstanding prize at the 19th New Artists and New Works Exhibition of Henan Province

2014 work "Xi Shan Gao Hao Tu" was exhibited at the 13th Chinese Painting Art Exhibition in Henan Province

Interview with painter Lin Dekun in 2014

Interview with painter Lin Dekun in 2014

2015 work "Southern Mountain Autumn Charm" was selected into the 14th Chinese Painting Art Exhibition in Henan Province

2016 Ministry of Culture First-Class Artist Talent Center Participated in Art Training

In 2017, Teacher Lin Dekun was invited to participate in the first art exhibition in Ningbo

2017 Exhibition of Teachers and Students of Xi'an, Yulin and Yan'an National Painting Institutes

In 2017, he was invited to participate in the national first-class artist pen organization organized by the Ministry of Culture

In 2017 and 2018, he participated in two national exhibitions of "Freehand China" China National Academy of Fine Arts

The 2018 work won the excellent award at the `` Inheritance and Innovation · Contemporary Creative and Fine Art Outstanding Works Public Welfare Exhibition ''

In 2019, Lin Dekun was invited to participate in the `` Special Chinese Painting 2019 Spring Festival Special Program-Elegant Painting and Calligraphy Collection '' event

In 2019, he was invited to participate in a set of "Ink Danqing" of the Chinese Educational Television Station.

Personal auction records:

Lin Dekun's Chinese painting "Rainfall over the West Mountain" participated in the Beijing Century Tang Dynasty 2013 Art Auction and was sold

Lin Dekun's Chinese painting "Ancient Landscape" sold for 90,800 at Shanghai Juyuanzhai Autumn Auction 2014

Lin Dekun's Chinese painting "Traveling in the Mountains and Mountains" sold at 85,100 auctions in Shanghai Juyuanzhai Autumn 2014

Art exploration trends:

Based on traditional Chinese painting, combined with its deep western painting foundation, it absorbs the essence of everyone from ancient times to modern times, which is in line with the aesthetic taste of modern people. It rewrites the scenes of life, respects the realm of spirit, and gradually forms its own unique and distinctive artistic style.

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